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Utah Lindy Hop Network
Frequently Asked Questions
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Ever wonder why things are the way they are? Find out here!

Q: Why are lifts not allowed at most swing venues in Utah?
A: Because no one wants to get sued when you break your head, your partner's head, or the head of an innocent bystander.

Q: How do I find out where there will be swing dancing this week?
A: Check this website, or the Utah Swing Network Group. Also, consider joining one or all of the University Swing Club email lists. Each club sends out one email a week, highlighting special events, and any changing specifics for weekly events.

Q: Why are the lights so bright at some of the venues?  Can't we dim them?
A: Well, at some of our venues, we don't really get a choice- it is either all or nothing.

Q: How can I find out the name of a song I heard at a dance?
A: Ask the dj, or occasionally, Nate's playlists will be posted. 

Q: How can I help?
A: There is always something to be organized, and reliable help is always welcome! If you are interested in helping, and haven't found a specific email for the primary organizers, email us at and we'll hook you up!

Q: How can I find instructors for private lessons?
A: Check out

Q: How can I find a ride to an event?
A; Hopefully someday we will have a forum or something where you can ask, but for now, I would suggest contact dance friends, or the president of your local swing club.

Q: How come boys (or girls) don't ask me to dance?
A: I don't know. But the solution is to take the initiative and ask.

Q:  What is the difference between a lesson and a workshop?  What is a lindy exchange? 
A: A lesson comes in several forms: mainly group vs. private lessons.  Group lessons consist of multiple students learning from one or two instructors.  Private lessons consist of one to two students (as a couple, or singly) learning from one or two instructors.  A workshop is usually a special event, longer than a regular lesson, often consisting of several lessons covering different topics.  A lindy exchange is a gathering of swing dancers from all over in one particular city to experience the host city.  For more info on exchanges, as well as a calendar, see